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  • Looking down at her wrinkled black shirt and navy blue cotton shorts, she smoothed them out the best she could. She lifted the heavy knocker and banged it a few times. Seeing her horrifying face pressed against the glass several stories of the ground made him forget that he was guarding Elsa.

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  • He gave her a wry smile and pulled on a pair of Levis. Before Megan could warn him to stay back, the bearded man ran into her, shoving her against Ted.
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  • He caressed the pulsing artery at her neck again, it would only take me a moment to change your life and make you mine. Ian nodded, falling immediately under Lucas influence, You are thirsting for blood. He took a deep breath and watched her as she dipped a cloth into a bowl that was on the small dresser beside the bed and wrung out the water.
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  • Footsteps alerted him to Megan s entrance in the parlor, and he smiled at the sight of her. He stepped up to her, his body mere inches from hers.
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  • He felt a twinge of guilt over his confession 215 Lietha Wards even if he didn t take much from her. Besides, if I stay away from him any longer I think I m going to go mad. He wasn t lying, she felt and smelled so good that it took every inch of his being not to claim her again.

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  • I was going to step outside for a moment, walk 57 HIGHWAYMAN LOVER about, and breathe the damp English air a bit.
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  • Tony often recommended it, and he had nothing to lose in trying it. Uttering a curse word, Cole took a step back, bumping into a woman with a baby who cried.
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  • She bet he was a good lover too, if fact, by the way he was around woman, it was a given.

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  • Linda stood and walked over to him, tying to rein in her terror at the sight inhuman features, You re going after her aren t you? when Lucas didn t say anything she continued, 348 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story You re going to kill her. Her back was to him and her head was tilted slightly while she examined the painting; A painting that he actually bought for her. It would do her some good to get laid, Tanya.

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